Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Helping The Customer With a Good Online Presence

As hinted in my previous post, 1 Van 1 Man like to branch out into many territories - both offline in our trade, and online across our social networks. With Blogspot having circulated for over ten years, I thought it would be a good opportunity to reflect on the state of the internet and how it benefits our business. What’s changed, and what remains the same?

The principal benefit of having a good online presence is the ease in which customers reach us. Previously you had to call a removal firm, hope they weren’t busy, then begin a long discussion about your house move, number of rooms, inventory and all the rest of it. I love chatting with customers but for busy types this takes time, with little way besides fax of quickly receiving a written quote.

As websites get more and more sophisticated, customers are free to make enquiries in their own schedule; they simply visit the page, fill in the form, and await an email with all the information they need. Day or night, the customer is free to make enquiries at their leisure. Sure, we like to chat about the details, but that important first step is made entirely in comfort.

If the initial enquiry comes from change, the means of finding us doesn’t. With or without computers, a business’s reputation supersedes all other aspects of their brand - be that a website, shop floor or company logo. In a world of tablets, 3D films and smart refrigerators, your choice of removal firm still revolves around what other customers say. Don’t get me wrong - I’m proud of our brand, but nothing makes me beam as much as customers’ unedited reviews. It’s these independent testimonials, spread across three platforms for diversity, that puts trust in the customer and validates a business’s good reputation. Read them for yourself on Google+, Facebook or Freeindex.

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