Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Interstellar Removals

In honour of Major Tim Peake's successful launch yesterday, I took a look at what life would be like aboard the International Space Station. Among many facts - including the bathroom and cleaning habits of astronauts - I learned that Mr. Peake will experience a sunrise every 45 minutes! Quite something.

It will be some time before the 1 Van 1 Man removal shuttle comes into action, but a man can hope. In the meantime, read more about life aboard the ISS here.

Monday, 7 December 2015

Only In Yorkshire: The Teddy Bear House

Stories like this lift your heart on a stormy Monday such as this.

Known as 'The Teddy Bear House', a property in Leven has had the same teddies looking out of the front window for over 40 years. When the time came to sell, the previous owners were delighted to hear that the new occupants will carry on the tradition. The Teddy Bear House is a staple part of Leven, and it goes to demonstrate the small part each house can play in the wider community.